Breach Report

In today’s digital business environment, the need for enhanced cyber security is essential. However, many companies continue to struggle with resilience, often experiencing breaches that lead to everything from compliance issues, to lost and stolen data and, ultimately, to brand damage and revenue loss. And though it is easy to read about these breaches, the causes and potential solutions are rarely identified.

It is for these reasons that Calian has created the Breach Report. Each month, we spotlight a particular type of company, the breach it has experienced, and what it could have done to mitigate risk against the specific type of cyber attack—all to create better insight for the general public and to educate people on proper cyber security best practices.

In this month’s report, we spotlight one of the largest breaches in modern history: the release of an unsecured database belonging to an unknown organization that has now exposed the details of 80 million+ American households. The breadth of the breach represents a total of 50% of all US households, the 24GB of data includes everything from home addresses, names, dates of birth, and more.

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