How CASB 2.0 Safeguards Sensitive Data

Cloud computing has taken huge strides from the initial concept of an interconnected system of computers. In 1963, Director of the Information Processing Techniques Office, J.C.R. Licklider, wrote to his colleagues describing a network of computers speaking the same language and enabling data to be transmitted and worked on by programs “somewhere else.”

This ”interconnected system of computers” of the 1960s has morphed into one of the top technologies of the twenty-first century.

The past 50 years has seen an incredible growth of organizations and consumers adopting cloud computing: in 2017, over 80% of enterprises used cloud services for early adoption functions such as portals, workplace productivity, customer and content management, sales and marketing, and analytics and reporting. Also, consider Adobe, Oracle, and Microsoft: they have all encouraged their on-premises software users to upgrade to their cloud equivalents—enticing because they offer these on a subscription pay-as-you-go service. Thus, fueling the growth of cloud adoption. 

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