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Identity and Access Management (IAM) can be one of the most difficult aspects for modern businesses to manage.

After all, with so many employees, contractors, consultants, and more coming and going, the question for so many companies can simply be, “Who, exactly, has access to our network, what do they have access to, and who knows who these people are?”

Who actually controls access?

The technology that enables IAM in the first place causes many companies to suffer because of the question of who owns the system and, more importantly, who has the ability to create and remove access, as needed. In many cases, IT may own the technology, but the administrative aspects of the processes may reside completely outside the IT department. And, in some instances, everyone from supervisors and directors to HR may own (at least in part) the process of granting and removing access.

Unfortunately, the crucial step of removing access to internal systems—for reasons from workforce attrition and retirements to contractors and consultants having completed their assignments—is sometimes the most overlooked step, and far more common than one would think.

How Calian can help secure your access

Our approach to IAM starts with people, then process, followed by technology.

After training people on effective processes and policies, we recommend solutions to automate and improve the efficiencies of these processes and policies. Technology comes at the end when we automate and improve the process of granting and removing access.

IAM and Privileged Access Management (PAM) are not products to Calian, they are a process. Business needs must be identified and defined to recommend an appropriate solution. Calian’s core advantage is in its pre-sales and client discovery process that provides the level of detail needed to recommend the best solution that will meet our clients’ needs, budget and timeline.

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