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The challenge of protecting the Endpoint

In today’s ever-connected world, the ability to access corporate data from virtually any device—tablets, phones, laptops, and more—and from any location poses a significant threat to companies and their cyber security teams.

In fact, these vulnerable endpoints have become a primary target for nefarious attackers who view remote-device accessibility as the perfect opportunity to exploit an often forgotten—and therefore open—gateway to infiltrate corporate systems.

The fight against Cyber Crime

Though endpoint security has always been an important weapon in the fight against cyber crime, many of the tools used to manage traditional endpoints are no longer relevant or as useful as they were once intended to be. Whether it’s antivirus software or even more sophisticated intrusion-detection systems, the majority fall short when detecting modern endpoint threats.

How Calian can help secure your Endpoints

We look at endpoint protection as more than antivirus—it’s a solution, not a product.

By combining user awareness, training, next generation antivirus and data protection, we can provide multifaceted solutions to protect endpoints from current and future threats. The end user/endpoint is an organization’s largest vulnerability and the largest attack vector. Everyone is trained on endpoint as it’s the cornerstone to building a layered and integrated security posture.

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Based on our strategic and systematic approach, we help clients prepare for, prevent, and recover from cyber security breaches.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint protection products as a client license, hosted service, or managed service.


Identity Access Management and Privilege Access Management solutions designed for modern business.


Data-centric solutions to protect organizations against current and future threats.

Data Protection

Intelligent analytics, unified policies, and dynamic enforcement.

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