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The New World Order of Data Security

Mitigating risk in the mobile cloud era.

There is no doubt that the advent of cloud computing paired with mobility has been the single greatest business driver in history. In fact, it has literally changed the world we live in. From productivity, agility, and innovation—seemingly, there is no end to what we can now accomplish.

A New Approach to User Actions

Like any great invention throughout history, mobility and cloud technology are not immune to risk or exploitation. Everything great about the mobile-cloud era is accompanied by the ever-looming threat to data security and the breaches that inevitably transpire.

Calian’s Dynamic Data Protection—the approach that places the user in the center of the cyber security environment—determines where data and people interact and manages the data and people based on behavior. Simply put, Calian helps classify a user’s actions rather than an event that may not apply to that user.

How Calian can help Protect your Data

By using Calian’s Dynamic Data Protection solutions, organizations can solve the fundamental challenges of traditional data loss prevention (DLP) deployments and, more effectively, protect sensitive information including regulated data sources and critical IP.

And with Calian’s intelligent analytics, unified policy, and dynamic enforcement at the core of its solutions, organizations can provide the end-to-end, human-centric security architecture that is required for the security challenges of today and tomorrow.

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Data Protection

Intelligent analytics, unified policies, and dynamic enforcement.

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